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Don't listen to what we say about our program, listen to to our past volunteers. There reports are very helpfull in deciding which program to enroll on.

Heather Wirachowsky

Age: 25 Years - From: Canada

My time in Ghana is definitely one that I will never forget, it has taught me so much, and helped me grow as a person. I have wanted to travel to Africa pretty much my whole life, and figured what better way to do it than to do whatever I can to help out a country in need so I decided that a volunteer trip was best for me. I researched a few different volunteer agencies, and uVolunteer was the most cost effective, and the staff was the quickest to respond to my inquiries. Read more

Katie French

Age: 22 Years - From: England

My Ghana story began when sometime last year I decided that I wanted to spend my summer break from University doing something rewarding but also educational Read more

Sukhmeet Sachal

Age: 17 Years - From: United States

In two weeks, my perspective in life changed. I became more aware of the world and my surroundings. As the cliche states, it takes one person to make a difference, this is certainly true. Everyone can make a difference Read more

Hasan Hazme

Age: 23 Years - From: Canada

Apart from my volunteer projects, the volunteer coordinators took me out to many places in town. Also, the fact that we had internet access at our dorm was very useful for keeping in touch with family and friends back home. Overall it's safe to say Read more

Jim Irvine

Age: 24 Years - From: Australia

I arrived at the airport in Accra sleep deprived after a full day of flying from Australia, so I was incredibly happy when I was easily picked up by Nat and Annette, my two GHVN project coordinators. We drove through the mountains to Koforidua Read more

Katelyn Kennedy

Age: 22 Years - From: United States

It is hard to believe that my fifteen weeks in Ghana is coming to an end. In four short months, I have stepped out of my comfort zone, broadened my horizons, met many amazing people, and had the experience of a lifetime Read more

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