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It is hard to believe that my fifteen weeks in Ghana is coming to an end. In four short months, I have stepped out of my comfort zone, broadened my horizons, met many amazing people, and had the experience of a lifetime.


I arrived in Accra in the beginning of January. After orientation, I began to work at my project- teaching sports education at Kingsby Methodist School. Although I did not know what to expect, nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced. Teaching classes for grades 10-12 was great fun. The girls were innovative in their ideas and excited to be in class.

Every time I arrived at the school, I would be greeted by cheers, high fives, and hugs. I also got the chance to coach training in the afternoons after class. The girls had incredible natural talent, so it was really amazing to watch how quickly they acquired skills. Practices were always filled with laughs, and usually included dancing as well as training.

After we had trained for two months, we competed in city-wide athletics competitions. It felt really good to see the girls working hard and achieving their goals. The school improved in their standings from the previous years, and they really acted like a team. Two of the students even qualified and competed in regional meets. Watching the competitions was a great end to a successful semester of training.

As well as working at the school, I also spent some time volunteering at an orphanage. Arriving there was a whole experience in itself. Walking off the tro-tro, we were greeted by a stampede of children running towards us yelling "Madam! Madam!" As soon as we were within reach, they jumped into our arms. Spending time with the kids was really magical. They do not have much, but they always have huge smiles. While they often climbed all over me, they also climbed into my heart.

Living in Ghana, I was lucky to have the chance to do a lot of traveling. I visited Cape Coast, Beyin, Accra, Nzulezo, Ada Foah, Kwahu, and the Volta Region. Highlights of these trips included: walking on a suspended bridge in the rainforest canopy, climbing Ghana's highest mountain, canoeing to a village built on stilts, swimming in the tallest waterfalls in West Africa, and journeying into ancient dungeons that held thousands of slaves many years ago.

I will never forget my time in Ghana. Although I saw and experienced many things, what I will remember most about the country are the people. People were so kind and open. I was invited into homes and families of complete strangers- and always invited to come share a meal. I also really enjoyed how everyone here shares a love of music. Leaving the country, my heart will be heavy with love and my feet will forever twist to the beat of azonto.

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