Volunteer in Ghana Working in a Children's Orphange


Volunteers on this program will work with children of Koforidua's rural orphanages. There are two kinds of Ghanaian orphanages: government funded and privately-owned. Orphanages receiving government funds are typically big, urban, and institutional. Private orphanages are usually smaller and lead by various organizations.

Smaller, private organization run orphanages often have a harder time obtaining the resources they need. They get their funds from local group, church, and individual donations.

As a volunteer, you will be placed in one of these small orphanages. There are three that cooperate with our project, all located in the rural perimeter of Koforidua. Your duties include giving the children encouragement, support, and affection.

An on site school is in one of the orphanages. If you are placed here, you will also get to teach basic math, English, reading, and life skills.

The children in these particular orphanages are fortunate in that they have a room, board, and education. However, the staff are struggling from being over-worked without needed resources. Because of this, the children don't get enough special attention.

The children and staff of these three orphanages welcome volunteers with open arms. This project is very hands on. Most of your days will consist of teaching, caring for, and playing with the children.

  • Spending quality time with the children
  • Playing with, cleaning, and feeding toddlers
  • Maintaining children's routines and supervising their chores
  • Helping teachers in class
  • Assisting students with homework
  • Playing sports with the children
  • Managing lunchtime and helping kitchen staff
  • Working in the kitchen and helping to serve lunch
  • Involving the children in fun activities, like sports, art, storytelling, reading, etc.

Location: Koforidua, Eastern Region

Minimum Age: 17, younger if in group

Minimum Duration: 2 weeks

Suitable for Families: Yes

Suitable for Groups: Yes

Language Requirement: English

Arrival Dates: Every Other Friday

Work Schedule: Monday to Thursday: 4-6 hours daily

Schedules differ depending on whether you come during vacation or a school term. The routine is also affected by the number of volunteers already at the orphanage.

During term times the children \attend an on site school, then you will work with them during school time.

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Project Closed Dates: None

Download Our Program Brouche

Our PDF brouche contains all you need to know about GHVN. Please download and read this document before booking. Our program described simply and its easy to read.