Volunteer in Ghana Teaching Physical Education and Sports

teaching sports

    As a volunteer, your role is to guide youths from the Eastern Region of Ghana toward a bright future in athletics. Ghanaian interest in sports is intense. This is especially true for football. Accra's young athletes are usually sponsored by their schools, families, and clubs. The same goes for youths from other wealthy locales. Their access to funds and resources give them the opportunities needed to rise in the ranks. Eventually, they can gain the attention of regional, national, and even international sports teams.

    Eastern and Northern athletes have fewer opportunities because of a lack of wealth. They often have to stop competing at any serious level.

    Our sports program helps underprivileged athletes by placing volunteers like you in Koforidua high schools. You'll be responsible for teaching sports to these eager children. Work involves coaching both theoretically and practically.

    Being a sports professional is not required. You don't need to be a coach, athlete, or sports teacher to participate, though we do encourage you to enroll if you are. Only passion for sports and teaching is necessary. You must enjoy working with children and young adults, and being an active participant in sports activities.

    Your volunteer work will get the youths excited about sports. It's surprising just how interested they can become once you're involved. Your presence is a powerful motivation for these athletes to come to practice.

    • Making physical education lesson plans
    • Helping teach and prepare for sports classes
    • Helping with and taking part in sports competitions of all kinds
    • Managing sporting activities for the children
    • Motivate youths to be physically active
    • Assisting teachers in other subjectsHelping children learn about new sports

    Project Location: Koforidua, Easter Region

    Minimum Age: 17

    Minimum Duration: 2 weeks

    Suitable for Families: Yes

    Suitable for Groups: Yes

    Language Requirement: English

    Arrival Dates: Every Friday

    Work Schedule: Work Schedule: Because of the heat in Ghana, sports are not played during midday. Sessions are split into morning and afternoon.
    Monday - Thursday. 7AM - 10AM: Morning session - Sports theory. 3PM - 5PM: Afternoon session - Sports practice with individuals, groups, and school teams.

    Dress Code: Dress appropriately for a school environment. Wear appropriate sport clothes while being active. Very short shorts and tank tops are not permitted.

    Download Our Program Brouche

    Our PDF brouche contains all you need to know about GHVN. Please download and read this document before booking. Our program described simply and its easy to read.