Volunteer in the National Parks and Reserves of Ghana


Participating in this program will put your right in the middle of some of Ghana's most beautiful National Parks and Reserves. Your work will not involve interacting with animals, as this is not an animal conservation project. All animals living in the parks are wild.

Volunteering on this project will give you an opportunity to see Ghanaian wildlife in its endangered habitat, as well as learn about tropical environments, ecology, conservation, and the importance of Africa's National Parks.

It is important to keep in mind that the National Parks have regular visitors. When you visit, you'll be working while the park is running all of its normal operations. Quickly adapting to your surroundings and contributing to the work will be highly beneficial.

Your specific tasks will depend on the location of your placement, your qualifications, the length of your stay, and the park's current issues.

  • Tourist Unit: Assisting tourist operations and helping the visitors of the park.
  • Office Administration: Administrative work including documentation, data entry, research, and business systemization.
  • Maintenance Projects: Keeping park trails clean, updating facilities, maintaining the park and its land stewardship projects.
  • Special Projects: Those with the appropriate skills may be enlisted for photography, graphic design, writing, population determination, and even video creation.
  • Accommodation: You will stay with a host family, along with other park staff and volunteers. Here you will be provided with three daily meals.
  • An authentic cultural experience will be yours when you choose to volunteer for this project. This is thanks to host family accommodations and your intensely interactive work with park personnel. You'll gain a unique perspective of the parks by not only seeing the sights as a tourist, but a member of the team that keeps it all going.
  • Working in the kitchen and helping to serve lunch
  • Involving the children in fun activities, like sports, art, storytelling, reading, etc.

Contact us prior to booking to discuss your particular skills and why you want to volunteer on this project. This information will help us choose which park is most ideal for you.


The National Parks are found in many of the protected habitats of Ghana. The most common volunteer placements are in Shai Hills Resource Reserve, Mole National Park, or Kakum National Park.

Kakum National Park: Kakum is occupied by a large expanse of rare virgin rainforest. This is the most popular of the three parks, and thus the most famous of Ghana. The park's greatest attraction is the Canopy Walkway, which is made up of seven conjoining brides that hang in the treetops.

Mole National Park: The largest of Ghana's National Parks, Mole is rich with wildlife. Located in the Northern Region, Mole offers visitors frequent sightings of many wild animals, including hartebeests, waterbucks, elephants, baboons, buffalos, and green monkeys. Mole features very affordable prices, with one of the cheapest safaris in Africa. It offers the only safari where visitors can get close to wildlife.

Shai Hills Resource Reserve: Of the three parks, Shai Hills is closest to Accra. Its offerings are diverse, including archaeological sites, granite hills, and wildlife. Hiking enthusiasts are particularly drawn to the tough climbs in some of the Shai Hills caves. A great view of the Accra plains can be found at the top of the Adwuku cave.


Minimum Age: 18

Minimum Duration: 2 weeks. Mole Nat. Park is 4 weeks

Suitable for Families: No

Suitable for Groups: No

Language Requirement: English

Arrival Dates: Every Other Friday

Work Schedule: Monday - Friday: 8AM to 3PM

Dress Code: Outdoor working clothes

Project Closed Dates: None

Download Our Program Brouche

Our PDF brouche contains all you need to know about GHVN. Please download and read this document before booking. Our program described simply and its easy to read.