Volunteer in Ghana Teaching English and Other Subjects

teaching english

Volunteers will assist a teacher in Koforidua's rural orphanages and elementary schools.

Though English is Ghana's official language, many of the children cannot speak it well. English may be spoken during class, but it is rarely used outside of school. At home and among friends, students speak "Pidgin" (broken) English along with their indigenous language.

The problem is worsening. Less Ghanaians speak English than over 50 years ago, after the country gained independence.

Students cannot get a higher education without speaking English well. This may force them to take menial jobs.

Teaching credentials or a TEFL qualification is not required to volunteer. Any high school student is capable of teaching at this level.

The teachers of Ghana are very good at teach English and English grammar. However, they may still make mistakes in pronunciation and intonation. This is where a native English speaker's help is most valuable. Your work will improve the education and lives of the students you teach.

You are responsible for supporting the teacher in class and help the children become more comfortable with English. You will have them listen and practice speaking English. Interaction is important because it makes learning fun for the students. They will already have greater interest in being taught by an international volunteer.

English is not the only subject you will teach. You may help in classes like science, math, art and more. Those with skills or interest in IT can volunteer in our IT for Elementary Schools program. Computer skills are not developed in Ghana, so your assistance will be very beneficial.

No matter what subjects you choose to teach, the experience will stay with you for life.


Project Location: Koforidua, Easter Region

Minimum Age: 18

Minimum Duration: 4 weeks

Suitable for Families: Yes

Suitable for Groups: Yes

Language Requirement: English

Arrival Dates: Every Friday

Work Schedule: Monday to Thursday 8AM to 2PM

Dress Code: Teachers are role models in Ghana. Dress appropriately for a school environment.

Download Our Program Brouche

Our PDF brouche contains all you need to know about GHVN. Please download and read this document before booking. Our program described simply and its easy to read.